How to Sell Services Online

The internet has made it cost-effective to access wider markets for the services you perform. But in the same manner that you are able to access an abundance of new clients, you will be most likely to run across persons who intend to engage your services without remitting funds as payment for them. How do you find out who to trust?

Using an escrow service is one means for you to markedly reduce your risk when offering services online. An escrow service is of particular use when entering large or long-term deals with a customer. When you work with an escrow service, there is still need to display your services through your own websites, but financial details are completed on the escrow service’s site where everything can be performed securely. The escrow service makes certain both you and your client are secured and pleased.

Payment of a modest fee allows you to register your transaction on an online escrow website and the customer deposits his payment to the escrow service instead of remitting to you directly. When he remits the payment the escrow service confirms it so you know it’s certified. Then you can provide the services you were hired to furnish. When the client approves your work or you get to an agreed-upon, the escrow service relinquishes custody of the corresponding funds in your favor.

The method ensures both you and your customer are protected. You know that the settlement is guaranteed before carrying out your tasks. There’s no need to be concerned about chargebacks, bad checks, bad payments or non-payment. Your client is protected because you don’t receive your money until the client is content with your services. And since you won’t have access to any customers’ credit card or banking information, you won’t have to bother about storage requirements or about identity thieves breaking into your site and stealing that information.

When deciding on an online escrow service, check for several key features to be assured of the safest, most guarded transaction possible. Features you that should be present include a dependable website with at least 128-bit data encryption; a dispute resolution service to ensure that you and the client iron out any problems that may come up; proof that the company has been in business for a reasonable period and was not created overnight; recognizable and traceable money transfer options, like credit and debit cards.

In addition, you’ll want features that make the escrow service uncomplicated in operation and flexible enough to handle any kind of transaction. A variety of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfers are important to assure your services are open to most clients. A simple and flexible interface, extensive help guides, and detailed transaction instructions will diminish hassle and administration time so you can start to work and submit the results sooner. Multi-currency features that facilitate transactions in the leading global currencies, including EUR, USD & GBP, are important if you perform services internationally.

One model of an online escrow service that carries all these essential features is PayPrimo. PayPrimo’s transparent fee schedule also enables a simple calculation of the fees due and has a variety of payment options, including credit card, debit card, and wire transfer. On top of the state-of-the-art security and user-friendly features, PayPrimo also operates an affiliate program that streamlines your use of PayPrimo with all your online trades and let you generate some income for doing so.